Living History [Bundoora Homestead]

Public Description: 

In Living History [Bundoora Homestead], Ju Yuen Merran Chew fluidly captures the fleeting nature of time and movement through perceptual drawing. Her ethereal depiction of the ground floor interior of Bundoora Homestead involves the layering of images to create a space where the different qualities of textures and patterns intersect; each component changing another by its presence.

Ju-Yuen Merran Chew’s art practice is concentrated primarily around drawing. She is attracted to the visual qualities of translucency, multiplicity and complex or interconnected structures. Her interests include exploring visual perception and tactile response, subjective visual experiences, memory and drawing, and drawing and creativity. Chew has exhibited in group exhibitions and art prizes around Victoria since receiving the Zurich Australia Scholarship (Visual Arts) in 2002. She was a winner of the Darebin Art ShowLiving History [Bundoora Homestead] © Ju-Yuen Merran Chew