City of Darebin

The Business at All Nations

Public Description: 

With a bold, saturated colour palette and fluid brushstrokes, Sarah Faulkner encapsulates the daily activity at All Nations Park with a mural like quality. Situated on the site of a former quarry and set against a brooding sky, the local park is alive with all kinds of business: walkers with dogs and without, Frisbee throwers, a friendly game of kick to kick with a footy and vacant seats beckoning the possibility of some simple contemplation or the chance to meet and sit with friends. In the background, Northcote Plaza and the high rise apartment block stand like silent sentinels watching over the entrance to the park. The Business at All Nations was the joint winner of the Darebin Art Show (2011).

Sarah Faulkner was founding member of Roar Studios, a co-operative for emerging artists, established in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy in 1982. She has exhibited her work regularly in group and solo shows throughout Australia since 1986.

The Business at All Nations © Sarah Faulkner


Public Description: 

Untitled, winner of the Darebin Art Show (2010), conveys a sense of summertime in the inner northern suburbs. The vivid blue sky dominating the top third of the painting infuses great energy into a mundane scene, while the everyday beauty of the neighbourhood is revealed in the bright, harsh light of the Australian summer sky.

Jason Emilianowicz captures a familiar, local streetscape: a suburban fence line, adorned with imposing graffiti, backs on to a public path following the South Morang railway line and the Merri Creek. A woman strides briskly along the path with her dogs that are just disappearing from view.

Untitled © Jason Emilianowicz