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Clouds Are The Dust Of His Feet #1

Public Description: 

Bindi Cole Chocka is a Wathaurong woman who lives and works in Melbourne. Clouds Are The Dust Of His Feet #1, was exhibited at Bundoora Homestead's group show Horizons in 2014. It is part of a suite of photographic works that explores the artist's identity, history and faith as she forgives herself and others for past wrongs. The photograph's title is taken from a passage from the Bible (Nahum 1:3): The LORD is slow to anger but great in power; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet.

Cole Chocka says "I used to be a victim of my own life, like everything was everyone else’s fault, building my identity on all the wrongs that had been committed against me. Meanwhile, I had turned into a pretty horrible person, my heart had become hardened and I was living a life of destruction and pain. It was then that I had a revelation. I was living as the victim. In that very moment, I came to a place where I no longer desired justice for what had happened to me, but had realised I needed forgiveness for what I had done and who I had become. From that place, I was able to begin to forgive others. So I chose to forgive".

Clouds Are The Dust Of His Feet #1 © Bindi Cole Chocka.


Public Description: 

Sharmane Maddigan traverses a broad range of creative expression; she is a painter, photographer, songwriter and musician. In Fragmented, a striking and self-assured photographic portrait, Maddigan explores the multi-layered issues of identity: physical and spiritual, conscious and subconscious, reality and perception.

Maddigan is a descendant of the Wamba Wamba and Wertigikia people of North-Western Victoria. She was the winner of the Gumbri White Dove Acquisitive Prize (2010) for Fragmented and was short listed for the Victorian Indigenous Art Awards (2009).

Fragmented © Sharmane Maddigan