Black Dog

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Type of Object
oil on board
When Made
Public Description: 

In Black Dog, Warren Lane conveys a sense of nostalgia for times past when Edwardian and Art Deco designed buildings were the heart and soul of a thriving neighbourhood High Street. He masterfully observes the elegant decay of derelict and depressed suburban structures as changing facades reflect their faded glory. The black dog appears to be passing his own judgement on their potential demise. Demolition is almost certain with high density housing and modern retail outlets as their future destination.

As a painter working predominantly in oils, Lane creates intricate and familiar scenes linked by themes of the built environment, politics, human rights and social change. Lane’s astute illustrative portraits and urban landscapes are skilfully structured compositions that employ a high degree of realism laced with an undercurrent of satire. His work is both thought provoking and humorous, inviting the viewer to contemplate the subject matter without pretension or distraction.

Black Dog © Warren Lane

Makers Statement: 
Local architecture of grand Edwardian and Art Deco design has suffered a gradual decline illustrated here by the shabbily altered facades reflecting a variety of previous uses. "Black dog" or depression, reflects their current depressed state while they await their final demise as modern high density dwellings and retail outlets.