Campsite in Springtime

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acrylic on canvas
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Campsite in Springtime is a richly colourful and vibrant expression of respect for ancestors and reflects the importance of Country in Koori life. Working within landscape depictions of her Gunditjmara tribal lands, and ancestral memories, Frances Gallagher contemplates the significance of place, family connections, spirituality and social displacement.

Clearing the land for agricultural purposes and the spread of urban centres has substantially diminished, from much of the public consciousness, the intense cultural mapping by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people throughout Australia. The impact of white settlement caused Indigenous people to move, or be moved, from their traditional lands and dramatically disrupted their way of life.

Aunty Frances Gallagher is a respected Victorian Koori Elder who was born in Bendigo in 1926 and is from the Gunditjmara people of Western Victoria. She was one in a family of eight children brought up on Framlingham Mission, an Aboriginal reserve established on the south-west coast of the state in 1861 by the Board for the Protection of Aborigines. Gallagher has participated in numerous group shows including exhibitions at Melbourne Museum, Koorie Heritage Trust, Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Boscia Gallery and RMIT School of Art Gallery.

Campsite In Springtime © Frances Gallagher

Makers Statement: 
A Koori Springtime campsite in my country in the Western District.