Earthenware 'Remued' barrel-shaped vase, dark green / blue

Registration Number
Type of Object
earthernware; glaze
Where Made
Preston, Victoria, Australia
When Made
Public Description: 

This plump barrel earthenware vase with a flaring collar was produced in the ‘Remued’ ware range introduced by Premier Pottery, between 1941 and 1955. Although perhaps not strictly 'Remued' many such pieces are nowadays amongst the most interesting and sought-after. This piece is characterised by decorations of gum leaves, gumnuts and branches applied by Margaret Kerr, an artist and industry potter who sometimes moonlighted at Premier Pottery.

The products of Premier Pottery Preston were not mass-produced. Everything was hand-made. In such an environment, inevitably pieces were produced that were not intended for the retail market but were family gifts, experiments, or simply giving rein to the potter's creative spirit.

The ‘Remued’ ware in the City of Darebin art collection is significant as it represents fine examples from the nationally recognised twentieth century art pottery, Premier Pottery, that was based in the Victorian suburb of Preston from 1929-1956. Of great influence to the development of this range was the potter Margaret Kerr (1898-1958), who began introducing Australian imagery into pottery design.

'Remued' was one of Premier's most successful and defining ventures, a feat made particularly remarkable in that it survived the financial strains of the Great Depression. The work of Premier is significant in that although the firm was producing large quantities of commercial ware, they maintained a studio approach to their work, preferring handmade items as opposed to the use of plaster moulds.