Krampus Wreath

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ink on paper
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In Krampus Wreath, Paul Compton portrays the infamous folklore figure, Krampus, in the middle of a traditional Christmas wreath. Centred amidst the customary decorations of holly, ivy, bells, balls, trumpets, candy canes and stockings is the hairy half-beast, half-demon complete with horns, long pointed tongue and piercing black eyes. Legend claims at Christmas time Krampus takes the presents of naughty children as punishment for their misdeeds and keeps them for himself.

Compton’s art practice comprises drawing, book and zine making, and creating objects and animations. His work pursues an ongoing interest in vignettes, the uncanny, animism, outsiders and all things Victorian. Compton has shown his work in a number of solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows around Melbourne. His work is held in public and private collections in Australia, the UK and USA.

Krampus Wreath © Paul Compton

Makers Statement: 
Krampus is a mythical creature recognised in places like Austria, Bavaria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. According to legend, Krampus accompanies Saint Nicholas along on his Christmas Eve journey to the homes of children everywhere. If they come across a good child Saint Nick will give he or she gifts but if the child is bad, Krampus with either give the child a lump of coal or carry the child away to its lair to devour for Christmas dinner! Krampus is said to be a devilish looking beast with a long tongue, horns, cloven hooves that carries a sack, rusty chains and birch branches to scold the naughty children with.