Sienna Earth

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Type of Object
oil on canvas
When Made
Public Description: 

Sienna Earth is a highly precise, intricate and colourful motif-based work that considers the damage and devastation Man has wrought upon the Earth. The solution, as depicted in the painting and represented by 100 interconnected masks, requires genuine communication and commitment between disparate global cultures to restore balance and harmony to the planet.

Caesar Sario’s art reflects his passion for the environment and endangered species everywhere. He draws inspiration from the concept that human beings can aspire to be at one with nature.

Sienna Earth © Caesar Sario

Makers Statement: 
Sienna Earth In the beginning the world is verdant green, defining the healthy and lush surroundings of our natural and untainted Earth. Then civilizations exploded into masks of seven billion frenzy - grabbing the world, devouring everything in its path under the guise of modernization, slowly destroying what was then the prolificacy of this good old Earth. But, however much damage and devastation we have done to our planet now, we, (represented by the 100 masks) of inter-connecting cultures and empires of the world must reach out to each other, communicate, and create an intensive mental intercourse to rescue what’s left of the good and recover the greening of our Mother Earth, once more, before it becomes too late. Man must live in harmony with nature – and nature will provide man with what he needs.