On the Way

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oil on canvas
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On the Way captures a moment in time as three women pass each other in front of an assortment of colourfully painted shops along the main shopping strip in High Street, Northcote. Dressed in bright winter clothes and sensible shoes, the shoppers have a distinct look about them: one strides purposefully towards her destination pushing her jeep in a determined fashion, another checks the contents of her trolley as she manoeuvres it around, while a third, holding a canvas bag, stands quite still as she tries to decide which way to go next.

Mary Hammond is a social observer. She depicts the lives of ordinary people going about their everyday tasks. Themes of feminism and social justice pervade her work. She is fascinated by the role of women caring for their families and shopping is a major theme. Hammond’s eye for detail is intimate and personal; she sketches and paints real people enabling us to examine, with compassion, the community in which we live.

Hammond’s artwork is held in private and public collections including the Australian War Memorial, State Library of Victoria and Artbank.

On the Way © Mary Hammond