Darebin Art Prize

She never speaks about herself, she could be anything.

Public Description: 

Lambe’s work 'She never speaks about herself, she could be anything.' was the recepient of the 2017 Darebin Art Prize. Lambe was awarded the prize by a judging panel that included Professor of Art and Performance at Deakin University, David Cross; artist Lou Hubbard and Curator of Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Claire Watson.

Cross said of Lambe’s photograph, “The winning work demonstrates an extraordinary acuity, a stunning economy of image, text, materiality and concept. It evokes a quiet but sustained resonance and captures an illusion of visual complexity and haptic experience.”

Claire Lambe completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Bristol College of Art in 1985, followed by postgraduate studies at the University of New South Wales in 1990 and a Master of Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London in 1995. . At the invitation of Max Delany, ACCA’s Artistic Director and curator Annika Kristenson, Claire was commissioned to make a new body of work, Mother Holding Something Horrific for ACCA’s 2017 Influential Australian Artists Series and her Recent exhibitions include Miss Universal (with Atlanta Eke), Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, 2015; Strangefellows (with Lisa Young) West Space, Melbourne, 2013; Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 2013–14. In 2016 Lambe was awarded the Sir Edwards Trust residency in New York.

Victoria's Secret

Public Description: 

DAMP is a Melbourne based artist collective established in 1995. The group make groundbreaking artworks that address the relationship between artist and audience. In 1999 the group staged a histrionic series of conflicts, which escalated into a brawl in the gallery window of Gertrude Contemporary. In 2009 the group constructed a monumental faux-marble plinth on which local collectives could meet as part of APT6 at the Queensland Art Gallery. The current members of DAMP are Narelle Desmond, Sharon Goodwin, Debra Kunda and James Lynch.

DAMP produced Victoria’s Secret alongside a suite of ceramic based artworks, which on close inspection are a patchwork of broken fragments that form the basis of The Harrison Collection. The Harrison Collection and Victoria’s Secret, began with the simple gesture of breaking a plate. Each member of DAMP painted a fragment of this plate and it was glued back together. For two years DAMP gathered found objects, personal effects and references and transformed these into a sculptural patchwork. Each of the 40 or so objects in the series were a result of the collaboration, demarcated by individual hands. In the case of Victoria’s Secret, a ready-made statue was carved into pieces. DAMP members used the American cartoonist and musician Robert Crumb and a Bauhaus Tapestry as reference material for this piece.